How to Use Text-FM

Send a SMS from your mobile phone or the input form on to +43 664/1235555. Your message will then be recorded by a computer, converted into computer-generated speech and broadcast in the Basecamp and on the mp3-stream. It is up to you to determine your message¢s sound by choosing language (German/English), voice and pitch.

SMS can be sent straight away. A SMS to Text-FM costs just the same as a normal SMS. Your telephone number will not be sent along.

There are two ways to use Text-FM:

1) Send a text to +43 664/1235555; a German voice will be randomly chosen.

2) Customize the voice to read your message: to tell the computer what you want, you need to send it a short string of instructions made up of letters and numbers (looking something like: #?Lgv4p8r3).

- Always start the instructions with #?

Next, specify the language
- Type L
- Then, g for German or e for English

Choose your voice
- Type v
- Set a number between 0 and 9

Choose the pitch of your voice
- Type p
- Set a number between 0 (low) and 9 (high)

Choose the rate of speed it speaks at
- Type r
- Set a number between 0 (slow) and 9 (fast)

Leave a space, and then write your message.

Text-FM is not case sensitive.

2001 PUBLIC NETBASE t0 Media~Space!