On January 25, 2002, Public Netbase Basecamp was reopened on its new location at Mariahilferstraße with a speech by Thomas Blimlinger, chairman of Vienna's 7th district council. With the tent's new site, Public Netbase calls attention to the many preconditions for its relocation into the Museumsquarter that have yet to be realized, as well as demonstrating once again the Institute's mobility and flexibility.

Apart from its function as a "blazing" symbol for a critical cultural practice, i.e. a monolithic landmark for the much desired cultural diversity that is regularly and ineffectively conjured up in the context of the Museumsquarter, the orange tent is also a "sonar" media installation. Passers-by and remote users can listen to and interact with Text-FM, a participatory SMS-to-Radio project by Public Netbase and British artists Graham Harwood and Matthew Fuller, that was already presented at the Interface Explorer event in October 2001. Users may send short text messages to the mobile number +43(0)664/1235555 which will then be transformed into computer-generated voices, thus creating an interface between public and private space.

Text-FM by Matthew Fuller, Graham Harwood (UK) in cooperation with Public Netbase >> Download Text-FM Sourcecode

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